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HVAC Maintenance: What to Check Before Calling the Pros

The last thing you want on a hot summer day in Birmingham, Alabama, is for your air conditioner to not cool as it should. Before calling an HVAC technician, here are a few things you can check that may solve the problem.


It is surprisingly common for HVAC technicians to respond to a call and find the cause to be an incorrect setting on the thermostat. Take a quick look to see if the selector switch is on the right setting and if the thermostat is set at your desired temperature. If the display doesn’t come on at all, you may need to change the batteries.

Circuit Breaker

Many homeowners call their HVAC service provider in a panic thinking they have a problem that requires complicated HVAC repairs, only to have the HVAC technician discover a simple issue like the breaker tripped. It’s a waste of a call-out fee and leaves you feeling embarrassed. Before calling the pros, check the breaker box first.

Air Filter

One of the most common reasons an HVAC system starts to function less efficiently is a dirty or clogged air filter. Checking the air filter should be part of your monthly HVAC maintenance. If you haven’t been diligent with this task, it’s possible the air filter needs changing to get your system flowing smoothly.

Air Handler

The indoor unit typically has an air handler with a power switch. They are designed to automatically cut power if the panel has come loose. This is a safety precaution to avoid electrical shock when coming into contact with the panel. Check to see if the panel is secure and operating.

Disconnect Switch

If everything works inside, go outside to check your outdoor unit’s disconnect switch. If it is switched on but the unit isn’t working, it may be a blown fuse. If this is the case, call a professional because the disconnect box contains high voltage.

If none of these is the problem, then it’s time to call the pros. One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical repairs HVAC systems in Birmingham, AL. Call us at (205) 509-1929.

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