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While the winter weather in Birmingham, Alabama, is relatively mild, a reliable furnace or heat pump is a necessity when the temperature outdoors begins to fall. Older furnaces tend to be inefficient and subject to frequent breakdowns. Should that happen, it’s good to know we offer 24/7 repair services. However, if you are considering the purchase of a new heating system, choose a contractor who is experienced and skilled in every phase of the heater installation process, such as One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical.

Heating Equipment Options

For light commercial and residential applications, most people in our area select an air source heat pump or a forced air furnace. Equipment selection is based primarily on local climate conditions, fuel options and design constraints.

  • Heat Pump: Heat pumps and air conditioners work in the same way, essentially using a refrigerant to extract heat from a volume of air. Unlike air conditioners, heat pumps incorporate reversing valve technology so the refrigerant flows both ways. This allows a heat pump to transfer heat from the outdoor air into the living environment. Heat pumps work best in areas like Birmingham that rarely reach the freezing point.
  • Furnace: Furnaces generate heat through a controlled burn process. Modern furnaces incorporate an electronic ignition system that safely ignites natural gas, propane or fuel oil inside a combustion chamber. A cast aluminum or stainless steel heat exchanger transfers heat to the air handler, and a blower pushes warm air through the air distribution system into the living area.

Heating system manufacturers offer a variety of upgrade options to improve efficiency. This includes two-stage compressors, modulating gas valves and variable speed blowers. Although the technology is different, these devices are designed to adjust the output of the heating unit to match the varying load conditions, which helps save energy and improves overall comfort.

Heating Design and Installation

Every successful furnace or heat pump installation is ultimately based on determining the correct indoor load and system capacity. A replacement unit should never be selected or installed until a load calculation is run for your home and each individual room. Variations in windows, doors, building perimeter and duct leakage can cause the load to vary dramatically between two houses of identical size.

At One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we recognize we are guests inside your home during the installation phase of the project. That is why we adhere to a rigid construction schedule designed to complete the job quickly without sacrificing quality. Our trained and certified installation mechanics use their knowledge and experience to set the equipment and complete the fuel, power and electrical connections according to the manufacturer’s specifications and local building codes. When the work is completed, systems are performance tested and verified to ensure the correct amount of conditioned air is delivered to every room in your home.

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The HVAC professionals at One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical invite you to learn more about the many benefits of purchasing a new furnace or heat pump. Since 1996, Birmingham, AL, residents have relied on us for professional heater installation.

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