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Winter, spring, summer or fall, a well-insulated attic makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping your family comfortable. It can save you big money too. Attic insulation reduces the amount of energy required to heat and cool your home in Birmingham, Alabama. At One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical, our insulation services improve your comfort and lower your utility bills every month of the year.

Summer Comfort

In a region where summer temperatures top 90 degrees, adequate insulation is essential to your comfort during hot weather. The sun beating down on your roof can cause the temperature inside your attic to reach 150 degrees. Heat from solar radiation forces your air conditioner to run for longer and longer periods, driving up cooling costs. Constant AC operation takes a toll on the equipment too, leading to unexpected breakdowns and premature replacements.

Winter Warmth

During the winter, a poorly insulated attic allows the air you’ve paid to heat to escape through the roof. Due to air pressure differentials, any warm air that exits your home will draw cold air inside as well. Your heater will run on overtime to maintain comfortable temperatures, causing undue wear and tear to the system. When you properly insulate attic spaces, your HVAC systems will last longer and need fewer repairs. You’ll also pay less on heating costs all winter long.

All About R-Values

The primary job of attic insulation is to reduce the movement of heat to and from your living areas. The insulation’s ability to reduce heat loss or gain is indicated by its R-value. The higher the value, the more you’ll save on energy bills. R-values are determined by the type of material used, its thickness and its installed weight. For homes in Birmingham and the surrounding region, the recommended R-values are between R30 and R60. You don’t necessarily have to start from scratch to reach your R-value goal:

  • Even if your attic is already insulated, adding more can pay for itself within a few years through energy savings.
  • If your current insulation is below or level with the floor joists in your attic, extra insulation can save you money.
  • When existing insulation shows signs of damage from rodents, insects or water, it’s best to replace it with new materials.

Expert Insulation Installations

Whether you want to add more insulation or replace it completely, One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical is ready to help. Our attic specialists will install an effective thermal barrier that meets the specific needs of your home and family. Serving the Birmingham, AL region since 1996, we know what it takes to keep our neighbors comfortable in every season. We pleased to offer services like attic ventilation and insulation that save you money and optimize your comfort systems.

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