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What HVAC Maintenance Tasks Can I Do and What Should the Pros Do?

Homeowners in Birmingham, Alabama (and everywhere else, for that matter), likely cringe at the thought of spending money on HVAC maintenance and repair. Well, we may have a solution for you. With a pair of capable hands, homeowners can tackle certain HVAC maintenance tasks on their own— but some tasks should be left to the pros. The examples below will help you tell the difference.

Filter Check and Change: DIY

Checking and changing your HVAC’s air filter is one vital maintenance task that should be conducted on a regular basis. You should check your filter about once a month and, if it’s dirty, replace it. Otherwise, worse issues may come upon your system, inevitably requiring a professional hand.

Regular Cleaning: DIY

Dirty vents and registers not only reduce your indoor air quality, but they also adversely affect the efficiency of your system. Also be sure to keep the area around your system clean, especially around any outdoor units. Any dust or debris that find their way inside could cause greater issues.

Installation: Pro

Never try to install an HVAC component (other than a filter, if you know what you’re doing). You may be great at working on cars, but this is not quite the same thing. One mistake caused while installing an HVAC component could end up costing you much more money than having a professional install the piece.

Preventive Maintenance: Pro

Like a tune-up on a car, your HVAC system could use some TLC at least once a year. A licensed HVAC service provider will adjust loose bolts and wires, check for any issues you may not recognize, and prepare your system for the season ahead. This maintenance is intended to prevent more severe issues down the road.

There’s nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty and saving some money at the same time, but saving money should never be done at the risk of injury. Be careful when tackling home maintenance tasks and don’t be afraid to leave some to the pros. For more questions or to receive professional maintenance, call One Source Heating & Cooling at (205) 509-1929.

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