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Bad Habits That Reduce Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in your Bessemer, Alabama, home is about so much more than the novelty of your HVAC system or the types of light bulbs you use. Perhaps the most significant contributor to high or low energy efficiency is your habits. You may unknowingly be perpetuating these three bad habits and increasing your utility costs, cutting your comfort, and harming your HVAC unit.

Neglecting HVAC Maintenance

Nothing contributes to low energy efficiency like neglecting to schedule professional HVAC maintenance. Since your HVAC system is one of the most significant factors in your home’s energy efficiency, its care should be one of your top priorities. Over time, using your HVAC system will cause wear that strains the unit, reducing its lifespan and causing your utility costs to rise. Schedule professional HVAC maintenance at least twice a year and you’ll improve your unit’s energy efficiency.

Pushing Your Unit

Anything that pushes your HVAC unit will cause its energy efficiency to fall. Many homeowners unknowingly push their unit further than they should with inefficient heating and cooling habits. We understand that on hot summer days you want your home to be nice and cool, but the further the temperature in your home is from the temperature outside, the harder you push your system to maintain that comfort. In fact, in the summer, you can be much more energy efficient by setting your thermostat around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and finding other ways to stay cool.

Not Programming Your Thermostat

If you’re not programming your thermostat (or if you don’t have a programmable thermostat), you’re missing out on one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency. If your HVAC system is working to keep your home at the same cool temperature day and night, whether you’re home or not, you’re wasting energy. Instead of pushing your system like this, program your thermostat to reflect your lifestyle — let your home stay warm while you’re away or at night.

Kick these bad habits and you’ll build the energy-efficient home you’ve been working toward. We can help to increase your energy efficiency with professional HVAC maintenance. Call One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical at 334-203-3466.

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