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HVAC Maintenance

What to Expect During Your Spring HVAC Maintenance Visit

As temperatures start rising, you should think about scheduling a tune-up for your air conditioning system. If you have a professional check your air conditioning system, the chances are very good your system will serve you well as temperatures reach uncomfortable levels.

Properly caring for your HVAC system can lower utility costs, extend the equipment’s life, and allow your family to breathe clean air. Homeowners in the Birmingham, Alabama, area should know what to expect the technician to do during a routine HVAC maintenance visit.

Visually Inspect the HVAC System

Once the HVAC technician arrives, he or she should visually inspect the entire HVAC system. This includes looking at the registers, ductwork, and the unit itself. The technician will make sure the system does not have rust or corrosion, excess moisture, or leaks. He or she will also check to see if plants or other items aren’t interfering with the outside airflow. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that foliage should be at least 2 feet away from the condenser unit to allow for adequate airflow.

Perform a Tune-Up

The HVAC technician will look for refrigerant leaks and if necessary recharge the refrigerant. Too much or too little refrigerant will make your air conditioning system less efficient. The technician will also lubricate all moving parts. Without lubrication, these parts can cause friction in the motors causing additional wear and increase the amount of electricity you use. It’s also a time to clean and adjust the blower components in order to have proper airflow. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, airflow problems can reduce the air conditioner system’s efficiency by up to 15 percent.

Clean Cooling Components

After completing the tune-up, the technician will also clean the cooling components. This includes the evaporator, condenser air conditioning coils, and condensate lines. Having dirty coils can reduce the system’s ability to cool your residence and cause the system to increase its running time. Combined, these two issues can reduce the life of the equipment and increase energy costs. Clogs that exist in the evaporator pan and condensate line can cause the AC system’s drain pan to backup and overflow with water.

Check the Electrical Parts

Almost as important as the cooling components of the HVAC system are the electrical parts. After the technician cleans the cooling pieces, he or she will make sure the wiring for the AC unit and thermostat work correctly. The technician will check the circuit board and inspect the wiring board for improper connections. In addition, the technician will make sure the thermostat is calibrated correctly. If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat installed, the technician can schedule an installation of one, if you’d like.

Replace Components

Although there are tasks you can complete yourself, such as changing the HVAC air filter monthly, the technician might find other parts of the air-conditioning system that need to be replaced. This might include correcting fluid levels, replacing dangerous wiring, or reconnecting stray wires. The technician can also replace the filter, which helps your family breathe healthier, clean air.

Run a System Test

After cleaning the system, the technician will calibrate the thermostat and run a full system functionality test. This test makes sure that the system operates correctly and monitoring the system’s cycle times. The technician will also make sure the safety systems are activated by testing the AC disconnect switch and outdoor power switch. The goal is to bring the system’s efficiency back to manufacturer’s standards and ensure the system is without issues.

Receive a Report

Upon completion of the HVAC visit, the technician will provide you with a report that defines the maintenance tasks completed. You might also receive tips on how to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and safely.

When it comes to preparing your HVAC systems for warmer weather, it’s important to call the professionals at One Source Heating & Cooling to schedule a maintenance visit. A technician can check all aspects of the air-conditioning system to make sure it works properly and efficiently, keeping your family cool and breathing clean air. For more information or to schedule a spring HVAC maintenance, call us at (205) 509-1929.

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