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3 Tips for Avoiding Allergies in the Winter

Certain allergens, such as pet dander and dust mites, can actually get worse in the winter because we tend not to ventilate our homes as much when it’s cold out. While Birmingham, Alabama, has mild winters, wintertime allergies can still pose issues for many residents. There are several ways to effectively avoid winter indoor allergies and keep you and your family comfortable as the weather cools. Here are our top three tips to avoid allergies this winter.

Balance Humidity

Humidity is a vital consideration during the winter. Heaters can dry out the air in your home, which can lead to allergy-like symptoms such as an itchy throat and irritated sinuses. Many homeowners address this issue with humidifiers. However, if you raise the humidity too much, you create the perfect atmosphere for dust mites, which are a major source of winter allergies. Be sure to keep the humidity in your home balanced to avoid these related issues.

Wash in Hot Water

Since we tend to spend more time indoors during the cool months, a buildup of dust, pet dander, and skin cells in fabric provides the perfect home for dust mites. A great way to avoid dust mites in your upholstery, throw pillows, and bedding is to wash these items in hot water to purge debris and kill any mites.

Remove Dust

Dust is a typical allergy irritant, and it can get worse in the winter. A duct cleaning can help people with allergies by removing dust from the climate control system. The more dust that’s built up in the system, the more will get kicked up into the air circulating in your home. This can irritate sensitive lungs and also make it harder to control the amount of dust in your house. If you notice a lot of dust around your vents, a duct cleaning may be in order.

Our team at One Source Heating & Cooling can help improve your home’s air quality this winter. Give us a call at 334-203-3466 to set up an appointment today!

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