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Improving the Indoor Air Quality in Your Pet-Friendly Home

Maintaining good indoor air quality in your Birmingham, Alabama, home is extra challenging when you share your home with furry friends. While your pets may be part of your family, their hair and dander are unwelcome guests. So, if you share your home with lovable fur babies, make sure to follow the tips below to improve your indoor air quality and allow everyone to breathe a little easier.

Keep a Regular Grooming Schedule

Grooming your pets on a regular basis can help you keep hair and dander floating in the air to a minimum and also help improve the smell in your home. Bathe your pets every two weeks and brush them at least every other day.

Keep Your Home Clean

When pets are residents in your home, cleaning becomes even more important. Keeping surfaces wiped and disinfected, dusting on a regular basis, and vacuuming your home a few times a week can help you control the dander and hair that circulates in your home.

Change Your Air Filter Frequently

While air filters should be changed at least once a month, you may want to consider more frequent changes when you have a home with pets. Not only will your filters become clogged with debris, but pet hair and dander can make them become dirty quicker. Consider inspecting your filters every week and change them when they look dirty.

Invest in Regular Duct Cleaning Services

Not only can your pet’s dirt and dander become trapped in your filters, but they can also clog up your duct work. As the dander, dirt, and hair settle in your ductwork, it will continue to recirculate in your home, triggering allergies and asthma symptoms.

Don’t let sharing your home with your beloved pets destroy the quality of air in your home. By following the few tips above you can be on your way to better air in no time. Want to schedule an air duct cleaning to start your journey to better indoor air quality? Contact One Source Heating & Cooling at (205) 509-1929 today to schedule your apartment.

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