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Why Is My Furnace So Loud in Fultondale, AL?

After you fire up your furnace in Fultondale, AL this winter, it’s completely normal for it to produce a light hum or buzz as it runs. Persistently loud noises, on the other hand, should arouse concern. Here are a few reasons why your furnace might be making loud noises.

Grinding or Scraping

Grinding or scraping noises usually point to a broken or malfunctioning blower wheel. The blower wheel is one of the key elements of a furnace’s blower motor, and the blower motor, in turn, is what powers the unit’s fans and ensures adequate airflow.

Whistling or Squealing

Loud, high-pitched whistles and squeals coming from your furnace can be incredibly annoying and jarring. These are not normal at all.

A whistling noise commonly indicates an issue with the furnace’s filters. Specifically, you may have forgotten to replace one of the filters, causing debris to accumulate on the mesh. Flowing air then generates friction as it passes by this filth and generates a whistling noise.

Squealing noises are equally irritating, but they typically indicate that one of the furnace’s belts has slipped out of place. This is the sort of thing that an HVAC technician might fix during a routine tune-up.

Popping, Banging or Knocking

If your furnace briefly emits a few popping noises, it’s not always a cause for concern. If you haven’t used your furnace in a while, some pops may come from your ducts as they expand after receiving hot air.

Loud banging noises can mean a few different things, including a cracked heat exchanger or dirty burners. If you hear a knocking coming from your furnace, the likely explanation is that there are air bubbles trapped in your gas line. We strongly advise you never to ignore these problems and to request professional help as soon as you notice them.

If your furnace is constantly making resounding noises, you can be sure that something is wrong. Call One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical in Fultondale, AL once you’ve noticed a problem and ask for furnace services.

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