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Questions About ductless mini-split

Troubleshooting Your Ductless Mini-Split in Leeds, AL

A ductless mini-split system makes it easy to control the temperature in specific areas of your Leeds, AL, home. This type of system is highly efficient and will help you save money on the cost to cool your home when working correctly. Learning the following troubleshooting tips for your ductless mini-split system will keep it performing properly when the summer heat arrives.

1. Check the Power Supply to the Ductless Mini-Split

If nothing happens when you turn on your system, you can start by checking its power supply. Once you’re sure the plug is in the outlet, check the breaker. You can also check your power cord for signs of wear and tear that may interrupt power transfer.

2. Check the Filters and Vents

There is no way to prevent dust from entering your mini-split system each time it takes air in for cooling. When this dust builds up in filters and vents, efficiency decreases.

Cleaning your filters monthly can do a lot to prevent dust buildup in your mini-split system.

3. Clean the Ductless Mini-Split Drain Line

You should check the drain line regularly for signs of backed-up water. This buildup can cause a complete system shutdown if left unchecked.

You can use white vinegar to clean a drain line if you detect minor clogs, and are comfortable doing this task. But a drain line that isn’t draining well, or at all requires the attention of an HVAC professional.

4. Refrigerant Loss

Your ductless mini-split system uses refrigerant to maintain the comfort level in your home. This refrigerant travels by cable between the outside and inside units.

These cables encounter both pests and outside weather conditions. Your system will struggle to cool your home when they develop leaks.

Your ductless mini-split system is the perfect solution for staying comfortable in your home if you keep it in proper working condition. Call us at One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical to meet all your ductless mini-split maintenance needs in Leeds, AL.

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