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Bryant Evolution Extreme Heat Pump

Technology in New HVAC Systems Saves Money and Cools Better

Heat pumps are win-win systems: They warm you up in winter and cool you off in summer. What makes these HVAC systems shine is advanced technology that refines their heating and cooling capabilities in your Bessemer, AL home. Here are four features that make the Bryant Evolution Extreme Heat Pump ahead of its time:

Energy Efficiency Technology

The SEER of an air conditioner measures energy efficiency. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit. The highest SEER available is 23. With a SEER of 20.5, the Evolution Extreme Heat Pump is indeed efficient. Such a high SEER is unusual in a split system heat pump, and that’s why the Evolution Extreme is ENERGY STAR-qualified. With a 13 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF), it even handles cold weather like a boss.

Variable Speed Operation

Variable speed compressors are next-generation technology. The compressor’s power output adjusts to the needs of a home at any given time. Old school systems have only one power setting; they run at full capacity or they cycle off. Longer, lower speed cycles provide consistent indoor comfort and heighten efficiency by up to 40 percent.

Superior Humidity Control

Humidity is a big concern in hot, muggy cities like Birmingham and Bessemer. Your AC extracts humidity from the air whenever it’s running. The longer running times of variable speed compressors decrease humidity and increase comfort.

Seamless Integration With Zoned Systems

Zoning increases efficiency because you’re not wasting heated and cooled air in unoccupied rooms. When you combine zoning with a variable speed compressor, a 20.5 SEER, and a 13 HSPF, you’ll have a high-efficiency system that’s tough to beat.

To learn more about this remarkable, all-in-one system or to schedule a no-cost equipment performance evaluation in your Birmingham, AL, home, visit One Source Heating & Cooling or call (205) 509-1929.

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