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3 Ways to Cool Your Home Without AC

Sometimes, during spring, summer, and fall, the temperature in your Fultondale, Alabama, home seems to feel hot and sticky, no matter how high you set the AC. Instead of asking your AC to work overtime on those hottest days, work with it by taking other measures to keep your home cool. After all, the AC isn’t the only way to cool your home.

Put Ice Near a Fan

If you’ve got any desk or box fans, then you have to try this hack with a bowl of ice. Put a bowl of ice directly in front of your fan, and position the setup so it’s blowing directly at you. The air flowing over the ice will cool down right before it hits you. It’s kind of like a mini-AC, and it’s definitely worth trying on hot days.

Close off Sources of Heat Gain

Part of the reason your home feels hot is because of heat gain. Gaps in your windows and under your doors allow your conditioned air to escape, robbing your home of your HVAC system’s hard work. Add weather-stripping or caulk to your windows, and replace the sweeps under your doors to keep the cool air inside where it belongs.

Use Ceiling Fans

The point of a ceiling fan isn’t to cool a room, but to cool you. The moving air within the room helps to evaporate the sweat on your skin. As you probably know, sweat evaporation is one of the ways the human body cools itself. When that air movement passes over your body, you’ll feel cooler even if the temperature hasn’t changed. So, next time you feel too hot, turn on the ceiling fan before changing the AC setting.

Not sure your AC is up to snuff this spring? Schedule an appointment so a technician from One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical can take a look. If you’ve got a cooling problem or an HVAC issue, we’ll find it and fix it. Call us at (205) 509-1929, to make sure you stay cool this spring and summer.

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