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What Makes a Smart Thermostat Smart?

The programmable thermostat you have in your Hoover, Alabama, home is fine, right? After all, it changes the temperature when you need it to, and your home is comfortable. Keep in mind, though, that a smart thermostat offers many more features than a programmable one, including humidity measuring and a Wi-Fi connection. To get far more control over the environment in your home, you need a smart thermostat.

Smart Thermostats Adjust Themselves

If your smart thermostat figures out that it can save you a bit of energy by running at a slightly different temperature than your program says, it will do that. Some of them learn when you are and are not home and create programs for themselves, learning your patterns so you don’t have to bother programming your schedule in. They can also change the speed of your variable speed motor so you don’t waste energy that way.

They Provide Indoor Humidity Readings

For people in humid regions like Alabama, a thermostat that tells you about your home’s humidity is well worth it. Humidity can cause all kinds of problems in the home and discomfort to those trying to live there. The thermostat will instruct your HVAC system to correct the humidity if possible. If not, you know to call us for maintenance.

You Control Them From Anywhere

Smart thermostats connect to Wi-Fi and often come with apps you can install on your smartphone. You control your home’s temperature while you’re away. If you’re going to be home late, tell the thermostat not to kick on for another hour. If you forgot to change the programming when you went on vacation, no problem. With a traditional thermostat, you just have to grit your teeth until you return to adjust the settings.

See what we mean? Smart thermostats are worlds away from programmable thermostats. Your home is more efficient and comfortable with a smart thermostat at the helm of your indoor environment. Want one installed? Call One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical today at (205) 509-1929.

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