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Best Cooling Options for Attic Remodels

Whether you’re designing a home office, master bedroom suite or a game room for the kids in the attic, serious deliberation is needed when it comes to cooling the stuffy space. Heat rises, as you know, and comfort is going to be an important element in the enjoyment of your remodeled home. Consider the following options for cooling an attic remodel.

Add a Ductless System

Homeowners everywhere are discovering the convenient cooling solutions available with ductless mini split systems. Ductless mini and multi splits are standalone point-of-use systems that offer temperature control independent of the HVAC system.

Extend the Current System

Cooling your attic remodel by adding ductwork to your current HVAC system may be the most feasible option in terms of both efficiency and comfort. This cooling solution hinges on the condition and age of your A/C or heat pump system, its cooling capacity and the layout of your remodel project.

Upgrade the Air Conditioner for the Whole Home

Is your Gardendale home as comfortable as you’d like it to be? Upgrading your cooling system makes sense for long-term energy savings. New A/Cs deliver a minimum of 30 percent greater efficiency than old models. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, replacing it with a new model to cool your home and the newly-remodeled attic may be the best choice for lower lifetime costs.

Preparing Your Home

The first steps involved with a home remodel that involves an HVAC modification, new install or replacement should be shoring up your home’s envelope and calculating your home’s cooling load. By reducing the cooling load with energy efficiency upgrades, you can save energy in the long term and arrive at the best cooling solution to serve your home and the attic remodel.

For more information and tips for cooling an attic remodel in your Bessemer home, check out One Source Heating & Cooling’s home cooling services, or call (205) 509-1929 today to speak with a qualified expert!

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