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Furnace And Heat Pipes

Add Years to Your Furnace Lifespan in Centerpoint, AL

A furnace is an expensive purchase that you don’t want to make often. Therefore, it is essential to adopt practices that will enable the current unit to serve you for an extended period. Below, we will explore how to make your furnace last longer in Centerpoint, AL.

1. Change the Air Filter Regularly

An air filter is the part of your furnace responsible for cleaning your indoor air. Air must pass through the filter before it goes into the system for heating so that the component can trap pollutants in the air.

If the filter remains unchanged for a long time, the components build up in large amounts, creating a barrier. Consequently, your furnace may runs constantly because it struggles to draw air through the blocked filter.

The longer your furnace works, the more its parts wear out. Changing the air filter every one to three months as needed gives your furnace an easier time, preventing it from overworking.

2. Address Malfunctioning Components Immediately

If there is a faulty component in your furnace, the system will start operating in an unusual manner. The unit may short cycle or run constantly. You may also detect unusual sounds and smells.

Request a technician to inspect and repair your system immediately if you notice the system is running inefficiently. Postponing repairs will only allow the damage to worsen.

3. Schedule Maintenance Services

Maintenance services keep your heat pump in good condition by ensuring all components work efficiently. During the maintenance visit, our technician will replace any worn-out parts and inspect all connections.

They will also lubricate all moving parts to prevent wear and tear. In addition, the technician will check the thermostat to ensure it relays signals efficiently to the furnace, thus avoiding problems like short cycling and running constantly.

Adopting the discussed practices will boost your system’s efficiency, allowing it to deliver uninterrupted comfort to your family for a longer period. Whenever you need a professional to inspect your furnace, contact One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical for outstanding heating services. Our team will respond immediately to ensure your family doesn’t continue staying in an uncomfortable indoor environment.

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