Does discomfort distract you? Does everything in your workspace need to be just right to get in the zone? Thanks to your air conditioning unit, you can completely personalize the comfort and health of the air in your Bessemer, Alabama, workplace. And when your air is comfortable and healthy, your mind can focus on more important things. With proper use of your air conditioner, the temperature and healthy air it maintains will increase the productivity of you and your employees. 

Temperature Control

The link between comfort and productivity isn’t just something in our heads; it’s a proven fact. A study performed by Cornell University has shown that people work best when their workplace is right at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher or lower, and more errors occur. Even when employees are not consciously aware that they are distracted by the temperature, they lose productivity.

An easy way to maintain this precise temperature control is to have a programmable thermostat installed. This thermostat will ensure that the perfect productivity temperature is maintained, as well as other comfort aspects of the air, such as humidity.

Indoor Air Quality

There are few things more distracting than symptoms caused by poor indoor air quality. Who can work productively when their head is throbbing, their nose is running, and their throat is sore? All these can be the result of poor indoor air quality, and they can all be combated with a well-maintained air conditioner. For those with severe allergy or asthma issues, unhealthy air may not just be distracting; it can be downright hazardous.

When an HVAC unit is well-maintained, it keeps air clean. Filters and air purifiers (which can be added to the system) take allergens and irritants out of the air, making it easy to breathe and easy to work.

Greater productivity and profits await you if you simply make the most of your commercial air conditioning unit. We here at One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical would love to help you maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner. Give us a call today at (205) 509-1929.

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