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4 Reasons You Can’t Sleep

Despite a comfortable mattress, you toss and turn every night. That poor sleep quality could have many origins, some of which might be connected to the HVAC system in your Birmingham, Alabama, home.

You’re Congested

Sleeping with a sinus headache or a clogged nose is unpleasant. Dust mites or pet dander trapped in your bed could be the reason you’re stuffed at night. Wash your bedding in hot water and get an air purifier with a HEPA filter for your room to keep that air fresh. Plus, the air purifier will make a soothing fan noise that should have you snoozing in no time.

Your Room Has Too Much Light

If you watch TV or play with your phone before bed, that’s harming your ability to sleep. To your brain, the light from a smartphone is quite similar to sunlight, which makes your brain think it’s time to wake up. As a result, you get less melatonin, which is the hormone that makes you fall asleep.

You’re Too Warm

The human body naturally wants to cool down at bedtime. When your house is too warm, your body doesn’t reach the desired temperature, making it difficult for you to sleep. You don’t want to be too cold, though, which can also keep you from sleeping. Check your thermostat settings, because if you haven’t recently changed them, you might have an HVAC issue that requires maintenance.

You Eat Before Bed

Eating anything with significant protein content right before bed is going to keep you awake. Protein takes longer to digest than carbs, so your digestive system will be working away while you’re lying in bed wondering why you can’t sleep. If you have to eat something before bed, go for crackers.

Some of these problems have HVAC solutions. Maintenance and thermostat calibration will help with uneven temperatures in your home, while whole-home IAQ solutions like ventilators will dilute some of the allergens and pollutants in your home’s air. Call One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical at (205) 509-1929 to set up an appointment.

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