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4 Myths About Insulation That May Be Hurting Your Home

The quality of your home’s insulation is an essential element of the envelope that affects home comfort, energy costs and the performance of your HVAC system. It’s important to ask your HVAC technician good questions and to get the right answers. If you’re upgrading home insulation or designing a new home, get the facts about insulation and dispel these four myths.

Myth: Cellulose Insulation Gives Off An Odd Odor

Cellulose is a paper-based insulation product that’s treated with several chemicals to make it resistant to fire, rodents and mold. Generally speaking, cellulose doesn’t give off any odd odors. However, make sure you choose a cellulose product guaranteed by the manufacturer for R-value and no funny odors.

Myth: Cellulose Insulation Can Catch Fire

This myth would seem to make sense since cellulose insulation is manufactured from recycled paper products, but fire-retardant chemicals are used to treat cellulose and prevent combustion. In fact, cellulose is safer than fiberglass in fires since it doesn’t melt or produce smoke.

Myth: Spray-in Foam Insulation Can Stop Air Leaks

All insulation materials need a vapor barrier to prevent the movement of air through holes and cracks in walls and joints. Spray-in foam does a good job of hindering air movement, but it doesn’t stop all air leaks. Additionally, some spray-in foams may shrink slightly, which exposes areas at wall joints conducive to leakage.

Myth: Existing Walls Can’t Be Insulated Without a Major Retrofit

If your home is lacking adequate wall insulation, there are home insulation solutions available so you don’t have to tear down drywall. Spray-in foam is the leading solution for insulating existing walls. Your HVAC technician drills a few small holes in the exterior wall of your home, and the spray-in foam is pumped inside wall cavities.

To learn more about choosing the right home insulation for your Centerpoint or Hoover area home, check out One Source Heating & Cooling’s home efficiency solutions, or give us a call at (205) 509-1929 today.

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