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4 Energy-Saving Summer HVAC Tips

With summer in full swing, many Trusville, Alabama, homeowners are wondering how they can improve their HVAC energy efficiency and save money. If you’ve noticed your energy bills creeping up from excessive air conditioner usage, here are a few tips to keep your spending in check.

Change Your HVAC Air Filter

HVAC air filters become clogged more quickly than you might think. A dirty air filter restricts airflow and makes it difficult for your AC to work well. Keeping the filter clean will boost efficiency, lowering the unit’s energy consumption. Experts typically recommend changing air filters once every three months, but if you have pets, aim for once a month.

Program the Thermostat

You want to set your thermostat at an ideal temperature to keep everyone comfortable, not at a level that’s colder than necessary. If you own a programmable thermostat, you can program the unit to lower the temperature when you’re at home and increase it while you’re at work, giving the unit a rest during the heat of the day.

Seal Leaks

Air escapes from the tiniest places, including around doors and windows and through improperly insulated walls and ducts. Keeping blinds and curtains drawn can reduce the amount of air escaping through the windows, but for system leaks, you may need to schedule a duct cleaning or sealing.

Let the Outdoor Unit Breathe

The warm summer weather makes it easy for overgrown vegetation to overtake your outdoor AC unit. While having some shade around the unit is good for efficiency, any weeds or tall grass should be cleared at least 2 feet away from the unit. This space allows for proper air intake. You should also remove any clutter, tree branches, or other debris that is too close to the exterior unit.

Following these simple maintenance tips can keep your summer AC usage in check all season long. Call One Source Heating & Cooling at (205) 509-1929 today for more professional energy-saving solutions, including our annual AC maintenance service.

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