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3 Signs You Need an HVAC Upgrade

You come home to escape the encroaching heat of Fultondale, Alabama, to find your home’s interior almost as muggy as it is outside despite your air conditioner running. This inefficiency may be a symptom of your HVAC system needing to be replaced. If your HVAC system is exhibiting these three signs, it’s likely time to take back your energy efficiency and comfort by upgrading your unit.

Falling Efficiency

If it’s time for you to upgrade your HVAC system, your energy efficiency will drop. This drop may manifest itself in a number of ways. You may see your utility bills skyrocket as the system uses more energy to compensate for its wear. Those utility bills could be influenced by your system running longer than it should as it struggles to maintain comfort. And despite all that effort, if your system needs to be upgraded, your unit may not be able to keep your home comfortable anymore.

Strange Sounds and Smells

Abnormal sounds and smells are never good, especially when they’re coming from your HVAC system. These sounds, though, may not always be sudden; they may come on steadily, like a hum that gets louder over time or occasional bangs that become more constant. Unusual sounds may indicate a loose or broken component and without repair, those pieces could further damage your unit. On the other hand, abnormal odors could point to a fuel leak. Such sounds and smells become more consistent in a system that needs an upgrade.

Old Age

You may like to stretch your tech to make it last as long as possible, but once an HVAC has been around long enough, it’s time to retire it. Most air conditioners will run efficiently for about 10 years. A well-maintained furnace could last for 15 years. After they’ve lived out their time, your HVAC system will just sap energy and struggle to maintain comfort.

Upgrading your HVAC system can be stressful, but fortunately, today’s HVAC systems are far more efficient and powerful than your 10-year-old unit. To upgrade your HVAC system, call One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical at (205) 509-1929.

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