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AC blower motor on the fritz

3 Signs of an AC Blower Trouble in Center Point, AL

Your AC blower helps to distribute conditioned air into your home. This vital AC component may start reducing the unit’s performance, leaving you with cooling problems. Here are some indicators that show your AC blower motor is failing in Center Point, AL.

1. Weak Airflow

Your system’s blower motor rotates a fan to push the conditioned air through the ductwork. Several reasons may cause weak airflow in your ducts. A failing motor is one of the leading causes.

You may experience this issue if the component is dirty or has a faulty capacitor. The component may also reduce its efficiency with age. Consider calling in a technician to establish what is causing the reduced airflow.

2. High Energy Bills

Your blower motor uses electricity to rotate the fan. When the motor is dirty, is aging or has other problems, it will struggle to blow air through the vents. As a result, the AC will draw more electricity, causing your energy bills to shoot up.

If your system uses a single-speed blower motor, consider getting a variable-speed motor. The single-speed motor operates at full capacity and functions at one speed.

On the other hand, a variable-speed motor provides more cooling efficiency and even temperature distribution because it can operate at higher or lower speeds. The variable-speed motor is more energy efficient compared to its single-speed counterpart.

3. Strange Sounds

Unusual sounds from your system mean something is not working correctly. You may get screeching or squealing noises if your blower motor’s belts or bearings have damage. A broken part may also result in banging or rattling sounds.

Allowing the system to continue running may deteriorate the problem. For instance, a loose belt may damage the surrounding parts, resulting in costly air conditioner repairs.

Consider turning off your AC unit when you get any sounds you are not used to. Contact a professional technician to inspect the system.

Contact One Source Heating & Cooling for exceptional air conditioning solutions. You can trust us to work on your system because our technicians have NATE certifications and possess multiple years of experience.

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