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3 Heat Pump Efficiency Tips in Hoover, AL

Heat pumps are efficient and effective systems to heat and cool your home during the year. When your heat pump does not work efficiently, you will have increased energy bills, yet uncomfortable house temperatures. Therefore, it’s helpful to know how to increase your heat pump efficiency using these helpful tips.

1. Set The Thermostat Properly

A smart programmable thermostat is essential when you need to increase the efficiency of your heat pump. Setting your thermostat at very high or low temperatures won’t make your heat pump heat faster; instead, it’ll make your heat pump consume more energy. With a smart programmable thermostat, you can set it to turn your heat pump on 15 minutes before you get to the house so that by the time you get to the house, you find your house already heated.

2. Inspect the Exterior Heat Pump Unit

The outdoor unit of your heat pump plays an important role in increasing the system’s efficiency. Always inspect the heat pump’s outdoor unit and ensure it is not covered with branches, leaves, or other obstacles. When the outdoor unit isn’t clear, the obstacles interfere with airflow, making the heat pump strain when functioning, thus reducing its efficiency.

3. Don’t Heat the Whole Neighborhood

When the heat pump conditions your air, whether it’s heating or cooling your house, you want the conditioned air to stay inside. You can reduce leaks and improve efficiency by sealing your house properly; using weather-stripping around doors, adding caulk around windows and ensuring your insulation attic is sufficient. When the heated or cooled air stays inside, the heat pump won’t overwork, increasing its efficiency.

A heat pump is an essential system, and it works during the cold and warm seasons. You need to ensure your heat pump is working efficiently to lower energy bills. For repair, installation, maintenance and upgrading of your heat pump system in Hoover, AL, contact us at One Source Heating & Cooling.

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