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Your Guide to Choosing a New Commercial HVAC System in Hoover, AL

HVAC systems are essential in regulating the temperature in your business and improving the comfort of your staff. Having adequate knowledge about commercial HVAC systems before you install them will help you choose the most appropriate system for your business. Here are important things you should know before choosing an HVAC system in Hoover, AL.

Focus on Cost, Reliability and Efficiency

You should consider the cost of installation, maintenance and repair when choosing a commercial HVAC unit. They may also require customization to meet the requirements of your office. A good system should have affordable installation costs and low maintenance costs while still meeting all the needs of your business.

It is essential that you choose a reliable system that will last longer. A reliable system will help you to save money on frequent and costly repairs and improve your comfort all year long. It will also help to mitigate damage to inventory due to improper heating and cooling depending on the type of business you have.

The overall efficiency of your HVAC system affects your monthly energy bills and your comfort. Highly efficient systems help you save money on utility bills as well as lower your carbon footprint. They all ensure that your business enjoys comfort all year long without frequent breakdowns.

The Size of the System

Choosing the right size commercial HVAC system is essential in ensuring that it meets all the heating and cooling requirements of the business. A system that’s too small will have a lower heating and cooling capacity that will lead to cold and hot spots due to uneven distribution of heat. This may cause discomfort in your business and can even lead to the growth of biological contaminants that have a negative impact on the health of employees.

A system that’s too large for a smaller building will end up wasting energy and lead to high energy bills. You can consult a qualified service technician who can assess the size of your building and recommend the appropriate size of commercial HVAC system for you. This will help to keep you and your staff comfortable and increase your energy savings.

It is also advisable to compare the size of the HVAC system in relation to the floor space available for storage. Compact systems are more favorable since they take up less space and maintain the aesthetic value of your business.

Local Climate

Commercial HVAC systems should provide comfort and adequate heating and cooling in extreme temperatures. It is best to consider a system that is best suited for your local climate to maximize its efficiency.

Right Components

It is essential to choose an HVAC system that has advanced controls and easy accessibility. The right components help you to customize your heating and cooling requirements as well as control your humidity levels. You can also opt for smart systems that have remote control capabilities and automation for more efficiency.


There are numerous brands of manufacturers that make HVAC systems. A recognized brand offers high-quality systems with excellent warranties and exceptional customer service. A brand worth buying from will ensure that your system lasts longer and you get value for your money.

Energy Star Compliance

The energy star program by the Environmental Protection Agency helps commercial property owners buy more energy-efficient systems. Systems that have the energy star label must meet the program’s strict performance standards. An energy star system will help you save money on energy costs and reduce toxic emissions to the environment.

Air Quality

A good commercial HVAC system should not only provide heating and cooling to your business but also improve the quality of the indoor air. Highly efficient systems trap dust, dirt and other biological contaminants that may trigger allergies, asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses. High-quality indoor air promotes the health of your staff and helps to reduce sickness-related absences from work.

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