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6 Signs Your Hoover Home Needs a Duct Cleaning

As fall arrives and cooler temperatures make themselves at home in Hoover, Alabama, your family is bound to spend more time inside where it’s nice and cozy. While this is the ideal season for some family time, spending time indoors could be less than fun if your indoor air quality is poor. There’s no need to suffer, though. You may just need simple duct cleaning to keep your family comfortable. From allergy attacks to high energy bills, look for these six signs that your home needs duct cleaning.

Allergy Attacks

Your home should be a safe haven from seasonal pollen allergies, but if your family suffers allergies, you might find that symptoms worsen when you move indoors. If your ductwork has accumulated several inches of dust over the years, your heating and cooling system may only be making your allergy symptoms worse.

If you can’t seem to stop sneezing, it’s important to find out if your ducts are making you sick. Contact the One Source Heating & Cooling Team for ductwork inspection and cleaning, and look forward to breathing easily.

Dust Buildup

Even if your family isn’t allergic to dust, you don’t want to see it building up on countertops, bookshelves, or furniture. Some dust is inevitable in your Hoover home, but if you notice it building up more quickly than usual, you could have a ductwork problem on your hands. After a duct cleaning session, you’re likely to notice a welcome reduction in dust levels throughout your home.

Musty Odors

Dust and dander aren’t the only contaminants that tend to build up in dirty ductwork. Cracks and leaks in your ductwork can invite mold inside. The dark, cool environment can cause mold to thrive. If you notice a musty smell in your house, it might be time for a duct cleaning.

Mold can lead to serious indoor air quality problems and can even cause health issues for your family. If you detect musty odors and you can’t immediately determine the cause, call our team right away. A duct cleaning session can eliminate mold and other contaminants from your home’s ductwork and make a big impact on your family’s health.

Overloaded Air Filters

If you’ve lived in your Hoover home for long, you’ve probably changed the HVAC filter dozens of times. After all, you should change it at least every three months, and our team recommends replacing it every month during the summer and other times of heavy use.

Every time you replace the filter, take a minute to note how clogged it is. An air filter that’s much more overloaded than usual could indicate dirty ductwork. Do your HVAC system a favor and call our team for a consultation. We can advise about duct cleaning before overloaded air filters start to take a toll on your system and force it to work harder than necessary.

High Energy Bills

You can expect your utility bills to increase over the summer. If your heating and cooling bills go up unexpectedly, though, it’s in your best interest to take action quickly.

In many cases, dirty ductwork slows down your HVAC system, reducing the airflow and lowering efficiency. This translates to increased energy consumption and higher energy bills in the short term. In the long run, it can also mean HVAC breakdowns and a shorter lifespan for your heating and cooling system.

New Home

When you buy a home, you might think about repainting, recarpeting, or renovating the space so it works for your family. Don’t stop there, though.

Our team typically recommends that new homeowners schedule a duct cleaning session before moving in, too. Even if the air conditioner is nice and new, years could have passed since the ductwork last had a professional cleaning. Start with a clean slate, and make a duct cleaning appointment before moving into your new home.

If any of these six scenarios apply to your family, don’t wait to schedule duct cleaning. Call the One Source Heating & Cooling team at (205) 509-1929 to learn more today.

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