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HVAC energy efficiency

Common Myths on Saving Energy with Your HVAC System

You may be looking for ways to cut your costs to heat and cool your Birmingham, AL, home. However, the problem is that with all the advice out there, some of it is not that accurate. Here are five common myths that you should not believe if you are trying to save energy with your HVAC system and what you should do instead.

Myth #1 – Setting the Thermostat Higher or Lower Than Needed

It is a common thought that if you set your thermostat very low during the heating season, you will save money. The same has been said for cooling your home during the summer with raising the temperature. This strategy is only partially true.

If you are away from your home for eight hours or more, it is a good idea to set your thermostat about four degrees lower or higher depending on whether you are heating or cooling your home. The reason for this is that you will use more energy trying to reach a comfortable temperature once you are home. A better solution to save money is to upgrade to a programmable thermostat that can raise and lower temperatures automatically.

Myth #2 – Closing Air Vents or Doors

Some people believe that air vents or doors to unoccupied rooms will help save on your heating and cooling costs. This is false because your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner will use the same amount of energy, and possibly more, if your vents or doors are closed.

Your HVAC system is a closed-loop, meaning that it blows air into the same rooms that it pulls air out of. When you close a vent or door, it interferes with the airflow with the system and causes an imbalance. The lack of proper airflow can make your system work harder and damage your HVAC equipment for an added expense.

Myth #3 – Running Ceiling Fans

A common myth is that a ceiling fan can keep your home cooler, especially if you are running them at top speed. The problem is that fans do not cool the air in a room. Instead, they provide a cooling sensation as air blows over your body and keeps air circulating. Fans cool people, not rooms.

If you are running fans in your empty rooms, you are wasting electricity and not helping your air conditioner with keeping your home cool. If you want to save energy, make sure to turn your fans off in unoccupied rooms.

Myth #4 – Bigger Systems Are Better

Bigger is not better when it comes to your home’s heating and cooling system. A system that is too big can make your home uncomfortable by turning on and off frequently and blasting your living area with too much cooled or heated air. The frequent turning on and off uses more energy and causes more wear and tear to your system, and isn’t on long enough to adequately dehumidify your home.

Alternatively, an HVAC unit that is too small will use more energy heating and cooling your home. It too will wear out sooner. When replacing your HVAC equipment, an experienced contractor will calculate the right-sized system for your home.

Myth #5 – You Do Not Need Seasonal Maintenance.

All heating and cooling systems need to have seasonal maintenance. During your maintenance service, the technician will look for problems that could be making your system run inefficiently.

An HVAC system that is running efficiently uses less energy and is least likely to break down unexpectedly. It is one of the best ways to save energy and money on HVAC repairs.

Trust the Experts in Birmingham, AL

We have been serving residents of the Birmingham, AL, area for 24 years. Our experienced and NATE-certified staff provides reliable maintenance, repairs, and installation services that help you save energy and money on your heating and cooling costs. Contact One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical to schedule your maintenance service to save energy this summer.

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