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Commercial HVAC Services One Source Provides

One Source Heating & Cooling provides commercial HVAC services to the Birmingham, AL area to help companies and property owners avoid major business disruptions caused by HVAC system breakdowns. A building’s HVAC is just as integral to its daily operations and overall health as electricity, plumbing, and communication.

People Work Best in Controlled Climates

Commercial spaces are designed to hold a large amount of people, at least more than a typical household on the low end. In every case, these spaces require a specific temperature range and level of humidity to keep the business running well. Circulated fresh air is important for employee comfort and productivity.

Technology Relies on Climate Control

Well-managed climate control prevents statically charged environments from developing and damaging your office equipment. Likewise, it prevents your paper supplies from absorbing too much moisture and jamming your printers and copiers. Most importantly, the HVAC controls temperatures that would overheat computer processors and electric machine motors.

It’s easy to take the cool 68 degree air for granted when that’s what you’re used to working in. As soon as the HVAC breaks down, however, you quickly realize how much you and your equipment rely on that luxury and just how important HVAC maintenance is.

Service: HVAC Installation

One Source installs light commercial HVAC equipment typically ranging in capacity from five to 25 tons. The One Source team commits to tight scheduling and deadlines, knowing how adversely a few days delay can impact a business. The NATE certified mechanics pay special attention to existing ductwork to ensure your new HVAC delivers performance consistent with your original system, if not exceeding it.

Service: HVAC Repair Service

An HVAC unit is a complex machine and sometimes a part does break or a refrigerant tube springs a leak. Fuses blow, a compressor may be faulty, and the economizer might malfunction. Things happen. That’s why One Source is on call and ready to help. Their mechanics will work quickly to diagnose and resolve the issue to get your HVAC back up and running as quickly as possible to avoid business disruption.

Service: Preventive Maintenance

In the same way preventative maintenance is good for your car, it is critical for your commercial HVAC system. There’s nothing worse than having the HVAC break down in the middle of a summer heat wave or a brutal winter day. If it’s not repaired quickly, employees may need to leave–especially if the workspace cannot recover using alternate methods like open windows, fans, and space heaters to compensate.

Work Out a Maintenance Plan

Preventative maintenance plans can save a lot of money when performed on a regular schedule. They’re far cheaper than frequently replacing an HVAC unit. A maintenance visit includes parts cleaning, inspecting parts for wear and replacing them as needed, replacing dirty filters and worn belts, lubrication, checking and clearing drains, and confirming blowers and other components are working.

The key idea of prevention is to avoid major breakdowns and damage. Regular inspections give the One Source team an opportunity to find potential risks before they can lead to costly damage and any unnecessary downtime.

Invaluable Relationship Building

Having an HVAC service provider with whom you have developed a strong relationship is key to your HVAC system’s longevity. Not only do you develop the all-important face-to-face business relationship, the contractor knows your system’s smallest details and where everything is located. He or she will also know what discoveries and repairs were made on the last inspection.

One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical’s team of NATE certified technicians are trained and well-equipped to take on any commercial HVAC situation. Call for more information and schedule a consultation today: (205) 509-1929.

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