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A Guide to HVAC Dampers and Their Benefits in Bessemer, AL

Scorching summer days and cold winter nights in Bessemer, AL can lead to high power bills. However, you can better control your HVAC system by regulating your home’s heating and cooling. Here’s how HVAC dampers regulate home airflow and the benefits they provide.

The Basics of Dampers

Technicians attach dampers to an HVAC system. The dampers then regulate the airflow by enabling the cooling or heating of specific rooms as well as regulating the temperature in particular rooms. Dampers can essentially even out the temperatures in your rooms, preventing hot or cold spots.

Properly installed insulation works with dampers to keep your home comfortable. This relieves the load on your HVAC system. By working together, dampers and your HVAC system can potentially lower your energy bill.

Understanding the Different Types of Dampers

There are several types of dampers available to suit various needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular dampers.

Air control dampers provide airflow control. These dampers use blades to regulate or stop airflow within an HVAC unit or a duct. This gives you control over the amount of airflow and its direction. Controlling airflow in this way prevents hot or cool air from going into rooms where it’s not needed.

Backdraft dampers stop reverse airflow in intake or exhaust HVAC systems. The airflow moves in only one direction. These dampers are sometimes called gravity dampers. Backdraft dampers provide clean air that is healthy and free of contaminants. Contaminated air moves to the outside of the home. And because airflow is in one direction, the same contaminated air can’t re-enter the home.

Backdraft dampers are good for getting rid of stale air and unpleasant odors. These dampers also get rid of fumes and vapors that are potentially harmful. These dampers are ideal for areas where you use chemicals or sprays – such as in a work or hobby area.

HVAC Dampers and Your HVAC System

HVAC dampers generally are a beneficial part of an HVAC system. Learning about dampers will help you decide if they’re right for your home.

Note that dampers are different from traditional HVAC vents. HVAC vents can open or close, but airflow still moves through the duct. But when dampers are near a duct opening, closing a damper stops the airflow.

HVAC Dampers in Bessemer, AL

One Source Heating and Cooling is a provider of dampers in Bessemer, AL and the surrounding areas. We have satisfied customers in Bessmer, Centerpoint, Trussville, Fultondale, Hoover and more.

Choosing an HVAC contractor to maintain, repair or install dampers is a major decision. You want a company with a good reputation that stands behind its work. And that perfectly describes us. Our repair and installation guarantee program is all about our commitment to our customers and our work. We care about our customers and help them make wise decisions when it comes to HVAC systems.

Would you like to know more about HVAC systems? Contact One Source Heating and Cooling today to learn more about HVAC systems, dampers and more.

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