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Professional AC maintenance

AC Repairs that You Should Always Leave to the Professionals

Many people in Fultondale, Alabama, think they can save money by handling maintenance and AC repair work on their HVAC units themselves. While there are certainly some things like changing the filter, for example, that you can do yourself, there are others that you should leave to the professionals.

Trying to make repairs to your HVAC unit can lead to complications, or even make the situation worse, leading to very expensive issues. Learn about these common air conditioner repairs that you should always leave to the professionals, and learn who to call when the time comes for a major fix to your system.

Compressor Issues

One of the more common, but still complex, AC repairs you will encounter are compressor problems. The compressor is the heart and soul of your system. It’s the central area where the refrigerant is pressurized so heat can ber released and cool air returned into the home. It’s a complex electrical system with its own motor and there are a variety of mechanical and electrical issues that can crop up with it. These issues are not only complex to repair but they can also present dangers if you’re not experienced in how to address them.

Fan Issues

There are two fans that work in your AC system. The first is the evaporator or blower fan, and the other is the condenser fan in the outdoor compressor. The former is what moves air through your ductwork and directly cools your home. The latter helps to draw heat out of the system so that it can be exchanged with cool air. Usually, issues that arise from fans involve loose or bent fan blades, motor problems, or belt issues. Again, these require exacting tools and advanced skills to address.

Coolant Issues

AC systems use chemicals known as coolant or refrigerant to function. Finding these chemicals, especially in older systems, can be a real challenge. In addition, some of these refrigerants (again, particularly in older models) are toxic. This means that someone with resources and know-how must be available to take care of any issues with coolant. Often, if your AC system seems to be working but the air it’s blowing isn’t cool, it’s because you have an issue with your refrigerant levels.

Sensor and Electronic Control AC Repairs

Your system requires a complex system of sensors and electronic controls to function properly. If any of these are out of sync or nonfunctional, it can throw your entire system out of balance. When something goes wrong with one of these controls, it requires specialized knowledge and tools to track down and diagnose the problem.

In addition, working with electronics can require a delicate touch and a fair degree of expertise as well as precision tools. If there’s a sensor or electronic control problem in your system, it’s best to let the professionals handle it, if for no other reason than working with electrical systems can be very dangerous.

Ductwork Issues

If you experience issues in your ductwork like dirt, dust, clogs, and other contaminants, for example, it can create a serious problem with your HVAC system. You could also spring a leak in your ductwork, which can lead to moisture leaching into your home and creating issues like structural damage. Your system should be properly sealed, and regular maintenance by a professional can help to avoid such issues happening.

By the same token, if you do develop issues with your ductwork, you’ll want repairs to be conducted by someone with the knowledge and experience to seal the leaking ducts, without further damage to your system or home. That requires a professional.

Call the AC Repair Pros

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, you’re having problems with your system, or you’re in need of maintenance, inspection, or cleaning services, call One Source Air at 334-203-3466. We are AC repair professionals with years of experience. Whether your system won’t turn on, you see ice around your coils, or you have drainage problems or any other issue, we can help. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for AC repairs today.

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