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7 Benefits of A Dehumidifier and Ventilator

A dehumidifier is an appliance that reduces and maintains a healthy level of moisture in the air. A ventilator is a device that replaces recirculated indoor air with fresh and filtered outdoor air. Here are seven benefits of a dehumidifier and a ventilator in your home in Gardendale, AL.

1. A Dehumidifier Reduces Moisture Level

High humidity levels provide an environment for biological contaminants to populate your home. Running a dehumidifier in your home will reduce the amount of moisture in your indoor air. This ensures that your home is less hospitable to these contaminants and raises the quality of your indoor air.

2. Increases the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

Ventilators help to control the amount of fresh air coming into your home, plus the fresh air is conditioned – either heated or cooled – before it is sent throughout your ductwork. This helps you save your monthly energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

When there is excess moisture in your indoor air, the air conditioner isn’t always able to remove the humidity, causing it to feel warmer than it actually is. Your AC will also work overtime trying to remove the moisture. This increases your energy bills and cause wear and tear to your air conditioner. Running a dehumidifier removes the excess moisture and increases the lifespan of your air conditioner.

3. Removes Odors

Dehumidifiers and ventilators help to reduce bad odors that may originate from the bathroom, kitchen and biological pollutants. They create a balance between the air coming in and the air leaving your home. Eliminating odors improve your home comfort and ensures that your indoor air stays healthy.

4. Improves Your Health

Cigarette smoke, radon gas and chemical pollutants can cause skin irritation, red eyes, asthma attacks and even death. Ventilators allow fresh air into indoor air helping to expel and replace these pollutants which help you stay healthy.

5. Controls the Source of Fresh Air

Ventilators help to control the source of the fresh air entering your home. The ventilator takes in the fresh air away from the sources of pollutants and expels stale air further from your house.

6. Dehumidifier Improves Your Home Comfort

Dehumidifiers and ventilators run quietly and efficiently in your home. They do not disrupt your daily life with noise, and they also do not require a lot of space. This ensures that you have a higher level of indoor air quality.

Excess moisture in the air can interfere and cause rust or corrosion with electronics, tools, and utensils. Biological contaminants can also grow on your clothes, furniture and fabrics. A humid environment also leads to clothes taking a long time to dry.

Ventilators allow filtering of incoming fresh air. They use air filters that remove air particulates that may lower the quality of your indoor air.

7. Dehumidifier Protects Your Home

Excess moisture over a long period of time can destroy the structural integrity of your home. Moisture affects the wood in your home, including the support beams causing them to crack or split. A dehumidifier can prevent this from happening.

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