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Why Controlling Humidity in Your Chelsea, AL, Home Matters

Good indoor air quality is key to ensuring you live in a healthy and comfortable home. Often, homeowners attribute poor air quality only to dust, dander and pollen. It’s important to note that your Chelsea, AL, home’s humidity levels also contribute greatly to the quality of your indoor air.

What Happens at Low Humidity?

Too little humidity in your home can lead to serious health issues. If the moisture in the air of your house is extremely low, you lose more water vapor through your respiratory system. Additionally, you lose water vapor through the pores on your skin, causing dry/cracked skin and lips that are uncomfortable and may create pathways for infection.

If your indoor humidity level is low, the environment ends up feeling cooler due to dry air. As Science Daily notes, some biological organisms such as viruses survive longer in low humidity. Low moisture in a home can also create a feeling of nasal congestion, causing your sinus membranes to dry out and become irritated.

In a commercial building, low humidity may lead to a decline in the performance of visual tasks. If the air is too dry, your natural reaction is to blink often.

What Happens at High Humidity?

If the indoor humidity is high, your body works harder to cool off. Due to high moisture content, the sweat produced by your body cannot evaporate. As a result, you feel warmer.

Dealing With the Problem

Most HVAC systems are able to control the moisture in your home quite well, when the AC is operating as it should. However, when the levels of moisture spike, some systems aren’t able to cope.

Hire a professional to install a dehumidifier for your HVAC system. It’s one way to adjust the humidity along with the temperature level of your home.

Our team has been serving customers well for a long time. Call on our professional HVAC experts at One Source Heating & Cooling for AC repairs and other HVAC services to help make your home comfortable and safe.

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