Both your air return vent cover and the grilles that cover your air supply vents can get very dirty. Even if you change your filter regularly, debris tends to cling to these grilles. Cleaning them regularly is one of the simple HVAC maintenance tasks a Centerpoint, Alabama, homeowner can do. Learn a few tips and get those grilles sparkling in no time.

Remove the Covers

All you need to remove supply and return vent covers is a screwdriver, and maybe a stepladder to reach the ones on the ceiling. Unscrew them, keep the screws all in the same place, and gently pull the vent covers from the vents. 

Wipe Down the Duct Insides

While the covers are off, this is the perfect opportunity to use a damp cloth to wipe inside your ducts. Don’t use cleaning products, just water. Don’t reach any further inside than your arm’s length. You’re just removing a bit of dust and debris that might have collected. If the cloth comes back extremely dirty, you can call us and ask about duct cleaning.

Soak the Covers in Hot Water

For seriously grimy covers, soak them in hot water without soap. If you soak in soap, it might take the paint off the grilles. Other cleaning products, like bleach, actually present indoor air quality issues, so avoid them. Warm water will loosen any debris and stains, which you can then scrub off.

Wash With Dish Soap and a Brush

Use environmentally friendly dish soap and a sponge or brush to clean the grilles, including between the slats. A brush makes it easier to get between the slats, but if the bristles are too tough you might accidentally scrape the paint off. Be gentle at first until you figure out what your grilles can handle. A sponge will get them clean more gently.

Air dry the covers and replace them! If you notice anything that looks like mold or animal debris, call One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical at (205) 509-1929.

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