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3 Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Since 1996, we’ve helped clients in Birmingham, Alabama, enjoy more comfortable homes with help from air conditioners and heaters that work as they should. When our customers get in touch with our talented team that includes certified HVAC technicians, the resulting assessment often indicates that the air ducts haven’t been cleaned on a regular basis.

Air duct cleaning is an essential part of HVAC maintenance. Getting your air ducts serviced by one of our experts could lead to several obvious benefits.

Get Rid of Unpleasant Smells

Cooking, tobacco use, and pets are just three of the many things that can cause odors to build up over time and cause a stale smell originating in the air ducts. Having the ducts cleaned takes care of the smell, stopping you from spending money on air freshener sprays, candles, and other things that only temporarily mask the smell.

Reduce Allergens in the Home

Air ducts can become a haven for many of the triggers that cause sneezing, coughing, and sniffling. If they trap allergens like dust, pet dander, and pollen, the dirty air ducts pollute the air in a home and could exacerbate conditions such as asthma. Indoor air pollution could even make you and your family more at risk for problems like sinus infections.

Improve HVAC Efficiency

If your utility bills have gone up over time and you don’t think the climate control unit itself is to blame, it’s time to let one of our professionals take a close look at your air ducts. If they aren’t clean, the airflow from the HVAC system can become restricted, causing the system to work harder than necessary. Clean air ducts maximize efficiency and save you money.

To schedule your appointment for air duct cleaning, get in touch with us at One Source Heating & Cooling today. Call (205) 509-1929 and we’ll arrange a time that works with your schedule.

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