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3 Ways You’re Accidentally Heating Up Your Home This Summer

The summer heat in Centerpoint, Alabama, can get intense. While there’s little you can do about the weather outside, there are a lot of tweaks you can make to your schedule that will ease the heat in your home. Be mindful of your daily activities so you’re not making your home hotter than necessary. Watch out for these mistakes.

Letting the Sunshine In

Brilliant sunlight is cheerful and bright, but it’s also hot. If you’re opening your drapes and blinds to let in the summer sun, you’re allowing a great deal of heat into the home as well. A cooler solution is to keep blinds closed during the day, particularly on windows that face west or south. Open your blinds again in the evening for a pleasant twilight glow.

Cooking With the Oven

Your oven heats more than just your dinner, it warms up your whole home. Roast chicken or a pot roast may sound delicious, but the hours of cooking time will leave you sweltering this summer. The best option by far is to cook outside on a grill. This keeps the heat far from your home. When you’re cooking in the house, try to stick to cool dishes as much as possible and do any necessary heating in the microwave or a small appliance like a toaster oven.

Running the Wrong Appliances

The only appliance that will help cool your home this summer is a well-maintained air conditioner. Try to avoid using other appliances, like your washer and dryer, as much as possible. Take advantage of the summer sun and consider hanging your clothing on a clothesline outside instead. When you do need to do laundry in the house, schedule these chores for the evening, when the heat isn’t as intense outside.

Make sure your home is well-equipped to deal with the heat that you can’t minimize yourself. Schedule your annual maintenance visit with One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical to make sure your HVAC system is in peak condition. Give us a call at (205) 509-1929.

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