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Getting Your Back Yard and Deck Ready for Summer

Once summer arrives in Alabama, it’s time to start working on yard and deck maintenance. A few simple tasks, like landscaping around your outdoor unit and adding seating to your deck, will make your outdoor space much more enjoyable. Give yourself a pleasant backyard to use for the summer.

Pull the Weeds

If you do no other landscaping or planting, at least pull the weeds from your yard. The grass will look prettier, and it’ll have an easier time growing this summer if there are no weeds there to sap soil nutrients and water. Do this manually because spraying chemicals is bad for the grass and for you.

Add a Hammock

Get ready to enjoy the backyard this summer by adding a hammock or a swing to your outdoor space. Hang it in the shade beneath a tree or place it directly on your deck or your porch. Planning to have parties? Get a couple and add additional seating options around a fire pit for maximum enjoyment.

Landscape Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

Nobody wants to stare at the outdoor AC unit while they’re enjoying the back deck, nor does anyone want to listen to it cycle on and off. If you put a small fence or plant some shrubbery around it, you do both yourself and the machine a favor. You protect it from harm by shielding it, and you dampen the noise a bit for yourself. Give it a few feet of clearance when hiding it from view so air has room to circulate.

If you have any questions about landscaping around your air conditioning unit, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call a One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical technician if you notice anything off about your unit while you’re working nearby. We’re also here to do your annual maintenance if you haven’t scheduled that yet. Let’s get your air conditioning in gear, so it works perfectly throughout the summer. Call us at (205) 509-1929.

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