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Does My Heat Pump Need a Heating Repair?

While winters in Gardendale, Alabama, are relatively mild, temperatures can drop sharply at times, and days and nights become chilly. During these times, you want to know that your heat pump will be ready to combat winter’s chill. No one wants to be left in the cold by a malfunctioning heating system. Learn about some of the warning signs that could mean that your heat pump needs repair.

Ice on the Coils

Look at your heat pump’s outdoor evaporating coil. While it’s normal to see a light coat of ice or frost on your coils during certain weather, heavier accumulation on the coil will stop heat transfer, and you could be dealing with a problem such as a refrigerant leak. One of our technicians will need to find and seal the leak and then resupply the lost refrigerant.

Another possibility is that the heating coil needs to be cleaned to allow proper heat absorption. Scraping off the ice will not correct the problem and can damage the coils. You’ll need an HVAC technician to remove and clean the coil.

Clicking and Grinding Sounds

You don’t want to hear clicking or grinding sounds coming from the heat pump cabinet. Clicking noises could mean that the heat pump’s capacitors are close to failing. Capacitors carry the necessary voltage to keep the heat pump’s motor running. Grinding could mean that the motors need lubrication or are in danger of wearing out. If you hear either of these sounds, you’ll need to call one of our heating service specialists to come and diagnose the problem.

Cold Spots in the Home

As you walk around your house, do some areas feel colder than others? Uneven heating throughout the house could signal a problem with your heat pump. Conversely, are there hot spots in your house? These could indicate that your heat pump isn’t working correctly.

Turn to the heating system specialists at One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical for all of your heating system repair needs. Call us at (205) 509-1929 for dependable service.

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