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Buy a New Thermostat and Enjoy These 3 Benefits in Cullman, AL

If you’re still relying on an old or faulty thermostat, you may need to replace it. During summer, temperatures can become unbearable in Cullman, AL; so it’s wise to make sure that your thermostat registers the correct temperatures. Here are the top three benefits you can expect when you replace your thermostat:

Useful HVAC Data

In most cases, the only information you can expect from an older control is your home’s temperature. Today, there are many advanced models that provide all manner of useful additional data, including alerts when the HVAC system runs into a problem and reminders when the time to change the filter arrives. Purchasing a new control can help you avoid inconveniences like unexpected breakdowns.

Lower Utility Costs

There are many issues that older thermostats present, and one of them is overworking the HVAC system. As a control ages, it becomes more likely to be inefficient and faulty.

An older control can cause your HVAC system to run when it’s not needed, leading to high energy bills and the likelihood of mechanical failures. Using a modern, well-maintained thermostat can help you lower your energy bills, and reduce the costs associated with HVAC repairs or replacements.

Smart Thermostat Provides Ease of Use and Comfort

The most recent controls have features that make it easier for homeowners to regulate their temperatures, such as touch-screen controls and digital read-outs, using either the thermostat or a smart phone. The newer thermostats also have an advantage over older controls when it comes to the available control options. Among other things, with a new thermostat, you can program temperatures automatically to meet your specific needs as opposed to simply having one set temperature.

To stay comfortable and happy this season, consider replacing your older control with a smart thermostat as soon as you can. For superior thermostat installation service, contact One Source Heating & Cooling today! We also provide quality HVAC repair, maintenance and installation services.

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