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5 Signs of a Dying Furnace

Is it time to get a new furnace? Even though furnaces are expected to last 15-18 years, you can’t base it entirely on age. If you’re having issues with your Birmingham, Alabama, central heating, you may dread a total replacement, but the fact is that a new, more efficient model can offset energy prices, pollute less, and keep you healthy.

This guide will differentiate between signs that your furnace is just misbehaving and signs that it’s on its last leg.

The Thermostat Isn’t Responding

Even if a digital thermostat is showing numbers, a low battery or loose wire could give make it unreliable. Check for those issues first.

It Just Won’t Turn On

Naturally, it’s fine to be skeptical here because there are all sorts of reasons this could happen. Check your circuit breaker or fuses first, as well as the owner’s manual.

The Airflow Seems Low

If you feel little to no air coming through your vents, it could be the air filter, so check that first. Many airflow issues from old furnaces have been solved with new models, which have Variable-Speed Blower technology.

The House Seems Dustier

Old furnaces are less capable of cleaning and moisturizing air, causing allergens, dust, mold, and other irritants to linger. If anyone in your family has been complaining of dry skin, nose, or throat issues, it’s possibly the furnace. You should also check if the ducts are to blame.

The Burner Flames Have Yellow Gas

If you have gas stoves and the flames burn with a yellowish hue instead of blue, you are in danger. Your furnace may be producing unhealthy amounts of carbon monoxide due to inefficient operation. Check for other signs of a CO leak, and act quickly.

If your furnace is faltering or doesn’t appear to be functioning at all, we can help. If you’re located in or near the Birmingham, AL, area, we’d be glad to take a look. Schedule an appointment, to not only keep your home comfortable, but safe.

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