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4 Home Improvement Projects That Improve Furnace Efficiency

If you’re concerned about your Centerpoint, Alabama, home’s energy efficiency this winter, the solution might lie in your trusty toolbox. Along with professional furnace maintenance, these home improvement projects can increase your furnace’s efficiency for lower heating bills.

Change Up Your Window Treatments

Insulated drapes and insulating window film are two options for keeping the heat where it belongs: inside your home. You can also exchange your blinds in favor of curtains so you can remove all obstructions during the day. The sun will stream through the bare glass and increase the indoor temperature.

Close Holes Around Recessed Lighting and Electrical Outlets

Most savvy homeowners know that windows, doors, attic hatches, and baseboards serve as common sources of heat loss. However, you might not have considered your recessed lighting and electrical outlets. If you feel drafts around those areas, add regular or foam insulation to close gaps and prevent air leaks.

Add a Door Sweep

Sometimes, weatherstripping proves insufficient to keep air from seeping underneath your front or back door. A door sweep will add another layer of protection against heat loss. If you have an old, torn, or mildewed door sweep, replace it to ensure it does its job. Of course, you can also add weatherstripping to the other three edges of the door. In some cases, you can install a taller door threshold to achieve a similar result.

Install a Thicker Garage Door

If you have an attached garage, the door between your home and garage might cause significant heat loss. Many times, builders install hollow-core doors in this space because it’s not as vulnerable as the front door. However, unless you heat your garage, a thicker, sturdier door will make your furnace more efficient. Additionally, make sure you lock all exterior doors so they remain as tightly closed as possible.

You don’t have to break your budget with high heating bills this winter. If these tips don’t help you reduce your energy bills, call One Source Heating & Cooling at (205) 509-1929 to discuss installing a more efficient furnace.

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