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3 Ways That Dirty Ducts Impact Your Family’s Health in Homewood, AL

Dirty ducts in Homewood, AL, cause poor indoor air quality, which negatively impacts your family’s health. You don’t want to wait until someone in your household experiences symptoms to schedule duct cleaning. Dirty ducts can trigger allergies and colds, cause sick building syndrome and may even speed up the aging process.

1. Triggers Allergies and Colds

Biological contaminants accumulate in the ducts and then circulate throughout your home as the heating and cooling systems run. Your family is more likely to fall ill with a cold or another respiratory illness because of this circulation of pathogens and other harmful contaminants.

Those who have allergies, asthma or another existing health condition are especially susceptible. Young children and the elderly are also more likely to get sick from dirty ducts.

2. Causes Sick Building Syndrome

Dirty ductwork puts your family at greater risk of sick building syndrome, a serious condition that harms your respiratory health. Symptoms of sick building syndrome include throat irritation, difficulty breathing, burning sensations in the nose, sneezing, skin rashes and dizziness.

Sick building syndrome is sometimes mistaken for a cold or the flu because it can cause the same symptoms. Fatigue, difficulty concentrating and irritability are other symptoms you may experience.

It’s possible for only some people in your household to have symptoms of sick building syndrome. Not everyone experiences immediate effects or the same symptoms from poor indoor air quality.

3. Speeds Up Aging

Dirty ducts increase the harmful free radicals in your indoor air. These free radicals cause inflammation and can contribute to premature aging, according to two experts — a dermatologist and the founder of an air quality monitor company — quoted in an article on the website Well+Good.

Dirty air ducts are too harmful to your family’s health to ignore them. In Homewood, AL, you should schedule professional duct cleaning every five years or so. Contact us at One Source Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment to have your ducts cleaned..

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