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3 Ways Heating Your Home Can Be More Sustainable

Whether you want to crank up the heat or you love the cool weather, you can lower the energy it takes to keep your Bessemer, Alabama, home warm and cozy. Learn how to heat your home so it’s more sustainable by increasing energy efficiency and improving your insulation.

Seal and Insulate Your Home

Your home’s insulation has a substantial impact on your household energy consumption. You’ll find room for improvement in both newly constructed houses and vintage homes.

To assess your home’s insulation needs, the One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical team recommends starting in the attic. There, you’ll need to seek out signs of air leaks and supplement any inadequate insulation.

Next, take a closer look at your windows and doorframes. You can seal air leaks with caulk, and you can keep out chilly drafts with draft stoppers and weather-stripping. These small steps will help you keep warm air in and cold air out for improved energy efficiency.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats might be small, but they can make a big difference in terms of heating your home in a sustainable fashion. Just program your family’s heating schedule, and you’ll never waste energy heating your home when you’re not there to enjoy it.

With our Housewise Wi-Fi thermostat you can take advantage of the device’s Perfect Humidity technology to maintain an optimal humidity level, set alerts to remind you to change the air filter, and even manage multiple zones. The thermostat’s monthly energy tips and energy reporting features will help you achieve even better efficiency over time.

Schedule a Heating System Tuneup

HVAC maintenance might seem like just another annual chore, but our team understands just how helpful a system tuneup can be when you want to save energy. During a standard tuneup, we remove dirt and grime, calibrate your system, change air filters, and much more to ensure that your HVAC system runs as smoothly as possible all season long.

From insulation advice to new heating system installation, we’re here to help you weather the winter chill. Call your local HVAC experts at One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical: (205) 509-1929.

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