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3 Reasons Furnace Filters Matter in Warrior, AL

Your furnace filter requires cleaning or replacement every three months. If the filter is dirty or worn out, your whole heating system will slow down or overwork to reach the thermostat temperature. Here are three reasons why furnace filters matters in Warrior, AL.

1. Protects the Furnace and the Entire Heating System

The filter ensures that dust, debris and other particles do not get to the delicate components of the furnace. Without a filter, these particles can damage components of your furnace, leading to costly repairs and shortening the productive life of your furnace. A clogged filter also forces the furnace to work harder, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear of your furnace components.

2. Provides Better Indoor Air Quality

A filter traps particulates, allergens, bacteria, spores, dust and debris from your indoor air. This way, the particles do not re-circulate in your home. If you have a problem with allergies, a good filter will keep you comfortable at home.

An HVAC professional can help you choose the right size and the right MERV rating for a filter. People with respiratory health problems need a higher MERV rating for their filters.

3. Offers Better Furnace Efficiency

The best filter ensures there is a smooth airflow in your home. If the filter is dirty, it restricts airflow, forcing the furnace to overwork to warm your home. An overworked furnace consumes more energy and thereby raises your utility bills.

An efficient furnace will experience less wear and tear, saving you money on repairs. To ensure that this happens, you need to choose the right filter and keep it maintained. From flat-panel, pleated, electrostatic to washable filters, our furnace experts can help you pick the right filter for your home.

A high MERV rating does not always point to the best filter for your home, so let us help you. Call One Source Heating & Cooling professionals in Warrior, AL, for indoor air quality services and other HVAC services today.

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