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3 Neat Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Temperatures are still quite chilly as we get closer to spring here in Morris, Alabama. Even in March, the average temperature is around 60 degrees during the day and often in the low 40s at night. For many homeowners, the furnace stays in use well into April. Keep reading to learn three neat ways to stay warm this winter while saving money on your heating expenses.

Cook Meals More Frequently

Cook meals more frequently during the cooler months. When you cook a hot meal in the kitchen, the oven or the stove will heat up the kitchen and nearby rooms. This is an excellent way to increase the temperature in the home without skyrocketing your heating expenses.

If you’re baking a meal, leave the oven open after you’re finished. Heat escaping from the oven as it cools down will further increase the indoor temperature. However, only leave the oven open or cracked if you don’t have small children or indoor pets in the home.

Open Curtains and Window Coverings

Open curtains, shades, and window coverings on days when the sun is shining. Even if it’s cold outside, the heat from the sun’s rays coming through the windows increases the indoor temperature. Make sure to close the coverings at night to prevent heat from escaping through the windows. Consider investing in shades and window coverings that are made specifically to trap heat in the home to save further on heating costs.

Use a Humidifier

Lower humidity during the cooler months can cause your indoor air to be too dry. This makes the temperature feel cooler than it actually is. By using a humidifier in the rooms where you spend the most time, you’ll feel warmer. Speak with One Source Heating & Cooling about upgrading your furnace with a built-in humidifier. Ideally, you’ll want to achieve 40 to 50 percent indoor humidity to boost indoor comfort levels.

One Source Heating & Cooling specializes in a variety of furnace installation, repair, and maintenance services. Give us a call at (205) 509-1929 today to learn more about tips and tricks for staying warm this winter.

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