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How to Get Your Alabama Business Ready for Summer

Once summer arrives, the kids are out of school, people start traveling, and your Bessemer, Alabama, business could get much busier. Before the additional customers arrive and your employees start looking for vacation days they can take, make sure your building and grounds are ready for the warmer weather. Taking action now will save you money later and help you attract more business throughout the summer.

Grounds Upkeep

Walk around the outside of your building and your parking lot. Look at it from the eyes of a new customer or client. If you think it looks messy, run-down, or uncared for, imagine what a stranger might see. Now is a good time to hire a landscaping crew to trim bushes, plant colorful vegetation that will survive the Alabama heat, and pick up any debris or limbs leftover from the colder months.

Arrive at your business in the early morning or stay late to see if any of the parking lot lights have stopped working. Also repair any cracks or holes in the parking lot. Before business picks up, consider repaving or lining the parking lot. This will be a good time to fix signs, repair fences, and paint. Everything you do will make your company look like you’re ready for customers and the business they bring.

Roof Inspection

Metal roofs, shingles, whatever material your business’s roof is made of, you want to give it a good look before the start of the next season. Summer often brings thunderstorms with falling tree limbs and debris flying through the air. Make sure there are no problems that a bad storm would make worse. The last thing you need is a leak in your building. Taking care of your roof is much less expensive than fixing or replacing it.

Don’t forget to check the drains and gutters. Have those cleaned out before the summer rain arrives so you’re not dealing with drainage issues in the middle of a busy summer. You’ll also want to have the siding or bricks around your building checked for damage. Not only does this kind of damage look bad, but it can also help moisture, debris, and rodents find their way further into your building.

Floors and Lights

Now that you’ve taken a look outside your building, it’s time to inspect the inside. First, look up. Are there any lights or ballasts out that make it difficult for your employees to see? Is lighting going to make it challenging for customers to shop? Now is a good time to change those and brighten up your business.

Second, look down. Does the carpet look messy, dirty, or worn out? This is a good time to hire a carpet cleaner to come in and steam clean. You might also need to replace worn out carpet. Don’t forget your tiled floors. Make sure to repair broken or cracked tiles to avoid expensive accidents later.

HVAC Maintenance

Your employee’s productivity depends on being comfortable. Your customers’ willingness to shop depends on cool temperatures in the summer months. Your computer systems need cool, flowing air to continue working properly. There’s a lot riding on your commercial HVAC system. Scheduling maintenance before the summer heat arrives makes good business sense.

What you don’t need is someone who only understands residential HVAC units. What your business has and what your home uses are much different. Having a commercial HVAC technician service your system will save you from expensive downtime if the system goes out and lowers the unexpected costs of repairs. When we check your company’s HVAC system, we’ll inspect and test the controls, filters, capacitors, burners, motors, relays, economizers, and more.

Owning a business involves much more than hiring the right people, offering the right product, and treating your customers well. During the hottest months of the year, it’s even more important to make sure everything is in good repair, looks good, and works well, including your HVAC system. If you haven’t scheduled your commercial HVAC maintenance yet, contact us at One Source Heating, Cooling & Electrical by calling (205) 509-1929.

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