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Do Commercial HVAC Load Calculations Matter in Hoover, AL?

You may need to replace your commercial HVAC system for reasons such as reduced efficiency, frequent repairs and high energy bills. Before you get a new system, it is vital for a professional to conduct HVAC load calculations for your building. Read on for information about why commercial HVAC load calculations matter in Hoover, AL.

Understanding HVAC Load Calculations

Every building has different heating and cooling needs. Professional technicians use an industry-standard formula to determine buildings’ temperature regulation needs. They will consider the following factors in their calculations:

  • Your building’s square footage – Larger buildings need larger systems to lower or raise temperatures.
  • The outside temperatures – Some states are hotter than others during summer, while others are colder during winter. This means your business location may influence the size of the HVAC system you require.
  • The direction the building faces – Buildings that face west or south may increase your business premises’ cooling needs because they get plenty of sunlight.
  • Heat sources in your building – If you use machines that generate excessive heat in your business, your building’s cooling requirements may increase.
  • The number of windows – Windows allow sunlight to enter, increasing indoor temperatures. The more windows, the higher the cooling load. Using energy-efficient windows or closing the shades during the day may help to minimize the heat that gets in.
  • The building’s insulation – A properly insulated building reduces the heat that enters or escapes. Therefore, well-insulated buildings will have different heating and cooling requirements than poorly insulated ones.

What Happens When You Have an Oversized System

While you may assume an oversized system will help regulate temperatures more efficiently, that’s not quite how commercial HVAC systems work. Getting your building to the temperature you set faster isn’t necessarily better. For example, when you have an oversized unit, it will be much more powerful than the building’s heating or cooling load requires.

When that’s the case, your system will blast your building with conditioned air and shut down shortly after, in contrast to the normal 15-to-20-minute cycle. This is called short-cycling, and it can lead to hot and cool spots throughout your business premises.

When your commercial HVAC system turns on more often than it should, it will consume more energy, causing your energy bill to increase. In addition, when your system shuts down too soon, your building will have humidity problems since your unit does not take time to dehumidify the place.

An oversized system’s lifespan will also reduce since short cycling increases the wear and tear of its parts. Your unit will require frequent repairs to continue running.

What to Expect When You Have an Undersized System

Your building’s heating or cooling load will overwhelm an undersized system. Smaller units might cost less, but if they’re too small for your building, they might actually cost you more in repairs or energy usage.

The unit will run overtime to deliver cool or warm air. Its lifespan will reduce since its parts are under constant pressure.

In addition, it will consume more energy to regulate your building’s temperatures. You may also experience uneven cooling in your building.

The Importance of HVAC Load Calculations

HVAC load calculations ensure you get the correctly sized unit for your building. A correctly sized unit will heat or cool your business premises evenly. Also, it does not consume excessive energy when it runs, meaning you won’t get abnormally high energy bills.

Your system will run in proper cycles rather than running continuously. Consequently, your system parts will not wear out faster than they should. More importantly, it can help with employee productivity by giving your staff a comfortable environment to work in.

Contact One Source Heating & Cooling for professional HVAC services. Our professionals will accurately determine your building’s temperature requirements to ensure you get the most appropriate system.

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