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7 HVAC Myths and the Truth Behind Them in Pelham, AL

Gaining accurate knowledge on the use and maintenance of HVAC systems is critical in Pelham, AL. However, a lot of inaccurate information is floating around, misleading many. Here the top seven HVAC myths you should never believe.

Changing the HVAC Filter Once a Year Is Enough

Even if you have installed an air purifier, you still need to change your filter at least every three months. The filter is responsible for trapping dirt particles and allergens. As a result, the dirt clogs the system, leading to airflow issues.

A blocked filter leads to motor and compressor failures. If you have pets in your home, it is advisable to check and change the filters more frequently, if needed.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Place the Thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for sending information to your system about temperature requirements. The system receives the data and switches on or off at reasonable intervals that maintain the temperature required.

Placing the thermostat close to electrical appliances such as the microwave or oven will give the impression that the house is hot. When direct sunlight hits the thermostat, it creates false data that the home is warmer than it really is. For your HVAC system’s energy efficiency and correct functionality, keep the thermostat away from the heat that household appliances and direct sunshine generate.

HVAC Maintenance Isn’t a Must

HVAC systems comprise different parts that require special attention regularly. Testing is mandatory for the maximum efficiency of the system. The system is also prone to wear and tear due to age, wear or home renovation.

A professional inspection helps detect any damage before air conditioning repairs become costly. The technician who does your maintenance can offer expert advice to keep your system running optimally. Since most parts require frequent checks and adept knowledge, professional care enhances safety.

Fans Reduce Room Temperature

Fans work by pushing air around a room, causing a breeze. The breeze causes a cooling effect when it comes into contact with your body. However, it does not actually lower the air temperature in the room. Leaving the fans on in empty rooms in your home causes higher energy bills without cooling the room air.

Closing Vents in Unused Areas Saves Energy

Vents help to ensure good airflow within your home. The HVAC system takes into account every room in your home. Therefore, closing any vent creates air pressure issues in your home.

Increased air pressure leads to air leaks in the ducts, seams and joints, causing air to move into the walls and floors. Additionally, different air pressure will cause air from empty rooms to mix with air in other rooms. Eventually, this leads to needing more energy to maintain temperature levels in the desired areas.

It’s Best to Have a Big HVAC System

A bigger HVAC system will not necessarily solve your air conditioning issues. Other factors could lead to air leaks and energy losses, such as faulty insulation or separations in the ductwork.

An oversize HVAC system will have short cycles and constantly switch on and off. This action results in high energy bills and a reduced lifespan for your system.

Before purchasing a system, make sure it’s sized correctly for your house. Call in experts to check the ducts, seal any holes and insulate your home appropriately.

Extreme Thermostat Settings Work Faster

The HVAC system produces a specific amount of heating or cooling within a given hour. Unfortunately, extreme settings of the thermostat consume a lot of energy for your system to attain. Therefore, the system strains to reach abrupt, extreme temperature settings.

For effective temperature changes, switching the thermostat three degrees from current room temperature readings will help. If you’re not comfortable with the new temperature after an hour, switch another three degrees in the desired direction.

Wrong information quickly spreads through social media platforms, friends or relatives. We can help correct the myths. If you are in the surrounding Pelham, AL, area, contact us today at One Source Heating & Cooling for air conditioning maintenance, installation and repair.

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